Mission Statement

Holy Redeemer Catholic School is a faith-centered community dedicated to the Catholic Tradition rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our school challenges students to reach their full potential in academics, character and faith.


The counseling and guidance program at Holy Redeemer is comprehensive and developmental in scope based on the American School Counselors Association (ASCA) national standards and competencies and also involve components of our faith.  All components focus on academics, personal and social development, and career awareness.  These areas are addressed through classroom guidance, small group counseling, individual student sessions, parent consultations, faculty collaboration, and school and community programming.  Holy Redeemer has a full-time certified school counselor that works with all students across grade levels in classroom, group, and individual settings. 

Saint Families

Saint Families are designed to create a greater sense of community among the student body. By matching students across grade levels, students in different levels have a chance to get to know one another, make younger-older student connections, and have opportunities to work together.

Saint Family activities occur about once a month for 30-60 minutes. Some activities are service-oriented (Service From the Heart, cards for Veterans, clergy or those who are sick are done with Saint Families), some faith-oriented (liturgies and prayer), and others are team-building (or just for fun).

Each Saint Family has been assigned a staff mentor. Mentors monitor the activity allowing staff to get to know those outside their classroom. Eighth grade students are our activity leaders.

Virtue of the Month

Virtue of the Month is a school-wide faith-based character education program. At the beginning of each month the School Counselor introduces each Virtue and its meaning on the morning broadcast. Practical applications of the monthly virtue as well as a saint who exemplifies the virtue are discussed.  The monthly newsletter has information for parents describing the Virtue of the Month, its meaning, a Saint connection, and examples of how to reinforce the Virtue at home. 

A bulletin board focusing on each Virtue is displayed in the front hallway by the Counselor’s office. Students are encouraged to put into practice the Virtue of the month at home and at school, in action and in prayer. 

At the end of each month teachers nominate students (one per homeroom) who have put the Virtue of the month into practice.  These students are recognized during Friday Mass by the principal and receive a signed certificate.