Mission Statement

Holy Redeemer Catholic School is a faith-centered community dedicated to the Catholic Tradition rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our school challenges students to reach their full potential in academics, character and faith.

Our School Directory

All staff may be contacted by email using the addresses listed below.  Phone messages may be left for staff members with our school office receptionist by calling the school directly.

Faculty & Staff Grade/Position Email
Mrs. Kate Abshier Middle School Language Arts/Lit. Teacher kabshier@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Pam Alesch 1st Grade Assistant (1B) palesch@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Jeannie Barden Media Center Specialist jbarden@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Michele Baumgarth Receptionist mbaumgarth@hrcatholicschool.org
Mr. Jerry Beck Middle School Language Arts/Lit./Social Studies jbeck@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Janelle Bohan Nurse jbohan@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs.  Annie Borrello 2nd Grade Assistant aborrello@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Doris Calvario Resource dcalvario@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Julie Carrier Assistant to the Business Manager jcarrier@hrcatholicschool.org
Mr. Matthew Chambers Information Technology Teacher mchambers@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Valerie Davis 1st Grade Assistant (1A) vdavis@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Cathy Dougherty Extended Day Co-Director cdougherty@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Kelly Edwards Middle School Science kedwards@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Lynn Foster Resource lfoster@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Maribel Gabriel Cafeteria Staff mgabriel@hrcatholicschool.org
Mr. Rob Gibbons Director of Technology rgibbons@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Kelsey Gilmore S.T.R.E.A.M. Teacher kgilmore@hrcatholicschool.org
Ms. Emma Gross 1st Grade Teacher (KA) egross@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Jeanna Guy Art Teacher jguy@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Judy Hearn Kindergarten Assistant (KA) jhearn@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Linda Henderson Nurse lhenderson@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Karen Hogan 2nd Grade Teacher (2A) khogan@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Ann Jump Middle School Social Studies ajump@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Sue Kalinauskas World Language skalinauskas@hrcatholicschool.org
Mr. Ron Kratz Director of Facilities rkratz@hrcatholicschool.org
Ms. Olivia Latagliata 3rd Grade Teacher (3A) olatagliata@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Christi Lee 1st Grade Teacher (1B) clee@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Jennifer Leonard Director of Advancement jleonard@hrcatholicschool.org
Ms. Carolina Llamozas World Language Teacher cllamozas@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Nancy Manley Extended Day Co-Director nmanley@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Serena Martin Athletic Director/Physical Ed. Teacher smartin@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Brenda Maxwell
2nd Grade Teacher (2B) bmaxwell@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Heather McKee Registrar hmckee@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Stacy McWatt Resource smcwatt@hrcatholicschool.org
Ms. Wendy Mykyten 4th Grade Teacher (4A) wmykyten@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Sally Nimmo Resource Teacher snimmo@hrcatholicschool.org
Ms. Donna Ortiz 6th & 7th Grade Religion dortiz@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Mary Pardee 3rd Grade Teacher (3B)  mpardee@hrcatholicschool.org
Ms. Alexis Parks Kindergarten Teacher (KB) aparks@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Tracey Peck Kindergarten Assistant (KB) tpeck@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Adriana Perez 5th Grade Teacher (5A) aperez@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Celeste Podojill 6th Grade Math & Middle School STREAM Teacher cpodojil@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Lauri Potter Music Teacher lpotter@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Jill Rice Assistant Principal jrice@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Jan Schefstad Director of Admissions jschefstad@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Lauren Schell Principal lschell@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Mary Lee Sleeth 5th Grade Teacher (5B) msleeth@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Lori Smith Business Manager lsmith@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Betsy Spickard Middle School Math Teacher bspickard@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Erin Strickland 4th Grade Teacher (4B) estrickland@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Jane Sullivan Religious Education, 8th Religion & 6th English Teacher jsullivan@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Margie Swaim 1st Grade Teacher (1A) mswaim@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Mary Terry Physical Ed. Teacher mterry@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Toni Trevisan World Language atrevisan@hrcatholicschool.org
Mrs. Heather Triggs Guidance Counselor htriggs@hrcatholicschool.org