Mission Statement

Holy Redeemer Catholic School is a faith-centered community dedicated to the Catholic Tradition rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our school challenges students to reach their full potential in academics, character and faith.

Our Staff

Holy Redeemer Catholic School offers an academically rigorous and demanding educational opportunity within a vibrant Catholic community to families in the Atlanta Archdiocese which has supported personal and academic success throughout high school and beyond.

Since every successful school is founded upon quality instruction delivered by well prepared, skillful and dedicated teachers, Holy Redeemer has, from its establishment in 1999, built its success upon identifying, employing and supporting the ongoing education of well prepared, experienced, skillful teachers. The average number of years experience of a Holy Redeemer teacher is 17.  Over half have earned advanced degrees in their area of specialization.

Our commitment to excellence begins with our instructional staff and radiates from there to all aspects of Holy Redeemer School.  Faith, curriculum, technology, activities, athletics, personal conduct, and academic performance are all aimed at standards of excellence.

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