Mission Statement

Holy Redeemer Catholic School is a faith-centered community, dedicated to living the principles of the Catholic Tradition rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our school's environment and curriculum challenge the full potential of each child and embrace a visionary approach toward academic excellence and life-long learning . 



Holy Redeemer Catholic School offers a broad, developmentally appropriate program of rigorous academics, academic support, religion, as well as extra and co-curricular activities. Art, physical education, music, foreign language and technology instruction from primary through intermediate grades and Middle School. Student government and athletics are added in middle school.

Recognition for superior academic performance is extended through quarterly grade report honor roll and National Junior Honor Society in Middle School.

In addition to Catholic religious education within the regular school day, a parent-led Spiritual Life Committee of the Home and School Association works with the Coordinator of Religious Education to plan and sponsor grade level and all-school service projects. School-wide liturgical and holiday observances and programs for parents including a mother's retreat and dad's prayer breakfast are also sponsored by the Spiritual Life Committee.

A program of interscholastic athletics was introduced to Middle School in the spring of 2007.  With membership in the North Atlanta Metro League, expansion of the program has continued as we strive to offer all students developmentally appropriate opportunities for growth and success. As of the 2016-2017 school year, athletic competition included teams in cross country (coed), swimming (coed), golf (coed), and tennis (boys and girls). Supported by the Holy Redeemer Athletic Association, a sub-committee of the Parent Advisory Council, no budgeted operational tuition revenue is used for athletics.

Beyond Academics


After School Activities

Student Council(Grades 6-8)
Odyssey of the Mind (Grades K-8)
Chorus (Grades 5-8)
Band (Grades 4-8)
Chess Club (Grades K-8)
Cub Scouts/ Boy Scouts (Grades 1-8)
Daisies/Brownies/Girl Scouts (Grades K-8)

School Performances

Annual Middle School Musical (Grades 6-8)
Living Stations of the Cross (Grade 8)
Musical Performance by all Grade Levels
Nativity Pageant(Grade 3)


Cross Country (Fall Grades 6-8)
Golf (Spring Grades 6-8)
Swimming (Fall/Winter Grades 6-8)
Tennis (Spring Grades 6-8)

Soccer   (Available through Saint Brigid Church)

Basketball (Available through Saint Brigid Church)

Volleyball (Available through Saint Brigid Church)


Honor Societies

National Junior HonorSociety (Grades 7-8)
Tri-M Music HonorSociety (Grades 6-8)

Family Activities

Dad’s Prayer Breakfast
Donuts with Dad
Foreign Language Night
Grandparent’s Day
Mother’s Retreat
Parent Socials
Parent Rosary