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Holy Redeemer believes that our graduates should have a strong academic and faith foundation, be dedicated in service to others, and have the communication and social skills that will prepare them for the future that they face. Holy Redeemer students know how to learn - a quality that ensures future success. We understand the investment parents make to give this gift to their children. Our goal is to keep tuition rates as low as possible, while continuing to offer a quality Catholic education.
2020-2021 Tuition
Grades K-8
Tuition $8930.00
Enrollment Fee $500.00
2020-2021 Grade Level Fees
Grades K-5 $264.00
Grades 6-8 $196.00 (8th Grade Graduation Fee pending Covid restrictions)
K-5 fees include Chromebooks 1:1, online technology, textbooks and workbooks, yearbooks and all school supplies; 6-8 fees include Chromebooks 1:1, online technology, textbooks and workbooks, yearbooks and some school supplies.
2021-2022 Tuition and Grade Level Fees will be determined Spring 2021 with generally a 3%-4% increase.
Starting with the 2021-2022 school year, a Non-Active Catholic/Non-Catholic rate at Holy Redeemer will be implemented.
Children of families who are active members of a local Catholic parish will receive the annually determined Active Catholic tuition rate. Active membership in a parish is understood to mean that the family worships in the parish and contributes time, talent and/or financial resources to help support the parish. Active membership is to be determined by the pastor of the parish of which the family is a member. Parish verification is required each year and the child’s parent(s) or guardian must be the person to submit the form.

Financial Aid


Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is available to families on the basis of need and availability of funds.  Anyone interested in applying for financial aid must complete a FACTS application.  You may begin applying on November 1, 2020 for the 2021-2022 school year.  All applications must be complete by February 19, 2021 to be given full consideration.   Link To FACTS

Financial aid is awarded at the time acceptances are announced. Please note that no assistance will be awarded until your tax return has been verified through FACTS. Contact our Business Office (770) 410-4056 (ext. 205) for additional clarification.

GRACE Scholars

The mission of GRACE (Georgia Residents Assisting Children’s Education) Scholars, Inc. is to provide children from families with financial need with greater opportunity to secure a Catholic education.  Any Georgia resident entering a Catholic school for the first time from a Georgia public school or a child eligible to attend kindergarten or first grade who demonstrates financial need may qualify for a GRACE scholarship. An application must be filled out and return to Holy Redeemer by February 19, 2021.  An application in FACTS must also be completed for qualification.   Link to Grace Scholars   Link to FACTS

The Catholic Education of North Georgia, Inc. and Holy Redeemer Catholic School do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, or physical disability or impairment, in the administration of its academic and admissions policies, scholarship and financial aid programs, and other school
administered services.