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Annual Fund


This school year, we initiate our twenty-fifth Annual Fund, a yearly campaign to secure necessary financial support for our school. The Annual Fund is an integral part of our school’s budget, closing the gap between the cost to educate each child and the tuition charged, while allowing our families a tax deduction in doing so. Ninety percent of the Annual Fund is used for current school needs and expenses while ten percent is placed in savings and toward future capital replacement funding. The Annual Fund allows us to minimize tuition increases while still providing a quality education for a fraction of the tuition charged by other private institutions. Unlike many schools, we do not have numerous fundraisers, many of which take a large portion of the proceeds in exchange for managing the effort. Instead, we focus only on the Annual Fund and the Gala and its supporting events, doing the work ourselves and making the best use of your hard-earned dollars.

We respectfully ask each family to join us in supporting our school, by making a pledge or contribution to the Annual Fund, just as those who have walked these halls before us have done for our present students.  As we have in the past, we remain committed to the prudent use of our funds and we are grateful for the continued support of past and present families, staff members and benefactors.  Your ongoing support for our funding efforts is vital to our success and to keeping the mission and purpose of Holy Redeemer alive for our students now and in the future. 

Thank you for your continued support of our school and for entrusting your children’s education to Holy Redeemer. We remain grateful for our work and for those who walk our halls each day. May God continue to bless you and may He always bless Holy Redeemer.

With Gratitude,

Lauren Schell, Principal

Pauline Battaglia, Director of Advancement and Enrollment

Ways to Give:

  • Parents Pledge Form 
  • Alumni and Alumni Family Pledge Form - this form will be available in January 2024.
  • Grandparents Pledge Form - this form will be available in November 2023.
  • Online Giving - one-time or monthly payments from checking/savings account.
  • Matching Gifts & Stock Donations - please contact the Advancement Office for more information.