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  • School Closed due to Inclement Weather - Tuesday 1/16/2024

    January 16, 2024
    Good morning, Holy Redeemer Parents.
    After much consideration (and multiple phone calls and text messages between principals), we have decided to close school today, January 16th. We are concerned that falling temperatures and water on the roads may cause unsafe driving conditions later this morning or this afternoon.
    We are planning on a regular school day tomorrow (Wednesday). If anything changes, we will let you know. Please note that temperatures are expected to be below freezing today and tomorrow so please ensure that your child(ren) bring coats to school.
    Please also note that Ren Web is having an issue with Parent Alert communications so texts that we sent yesterday may come through this morning and you may receive multiple communications. They are working to resolve the issue.
    Stay safe and warm and have a good day.
    Lauren Schell

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