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  • Holy Redeemer is proud to present not one, but two 8th grade plays. For more information: 



  • 3rd Grade Service Project

    The third grade students did individual fundraising activities to raise money to support the Foster Care Support Foundation in Roswell. A variety of projects were completed including lemonade stands, bake sales, and art sales. Students used the money that they raised to purchase backpacks and fill them with basic clothing items like shirts and socks as well as school supplies. Dozens of backpacks were bought and filled to help the foster children who are in partnership with the Foster Care Support Foundation. Deacon Tim Tye from St. Brigid visited Holy Redeemer and blessed the children and the backpacks.

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  • 1st Grade Service Project

    The first grade students at Holy Redeemer just completed their service project to benefit Mustard Seed Communities. Students were each given a dollar and asked to use their talents to multiply the one dollar into more dollars to donate to support the work of Mustard Seed in Nicaragua. Students used their creativity and raised funds in a variety of ways including having lemonade stands, art shows, and athletic competitions. The students learned to use their gifts and talents given to them by God to bless others.