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Grades K-2


Kindergarten is a time to explore new surroundings and make new friendships. There is an excitement that begins on the very first day. Students find a safe and nurturing environment in which they will stretch their thinking skills and be challenged to reach their full potential while working in small learning groups. You will find laughter, movement and many hands on lessons that make learning so much fun. Students end the year completing a year-long, phonics based book project and participating in a musical play complete with sets and costumes.
First-graders continue to grow with confidence as they are given more responsibility that include classroom procedures and duties. Their growing reading and writing skills lead to many cross-curricular projects such as Apple Day and learning about the human body. Students enjoy learning strategies using a variety of creative and analytical approaches to problem-solving. First-graders experience the joy of community service by heading up the school wide coat drive.
Second-graders are now learning by critically approaching reading comprehension while expanding their writing and speaking skills. These students are the leaders of K-2 cooperative STREAM projects and begin to use technology more expansively while learning to record their homework in their assignment binders. Second-graders are prepared for 1st Holy Communion and Reconciliation and participate in the yearly Grandparents Mass.

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